A little bit about us…

Unlike most conventional tuition centres, Primus Education was setup by highly qualified and senior members of the teaching profession. We strongly believe that our tuition services are only needed because of the shortcomings and inconsistencies of the education system. As controversial as this may be, our ideal would be to not exist and for our services to be redundant. However, in the absence of such an ideal, we have designed a system of support to help your child succeed. With over 20 years of experience between us, in working with children and young adults, we fully appreciate the variety of reasons why parents consider tuition for their children. Being the specialists in our field, we also recognise the importance of only providing tuition through fully qualified teachers. It is through careful consideration to such detail that we have developed our comprehensive tuition programmes, with one aim only - to help equip your child with the skills and knowledge to succeed.

What experience do we have?

Having taught in various schools and sixth form colleges across the North West, the Directors of Primus Education have a wealth of expertise in delivering outstanding education. As leaders in education we also have comprehensive experience of leading high performing teams, pastoral care for pupils, successful university applications and enhancing students’ experience through a variety of extra-curricular activities. Being part of the education system allows us to be fully up to date with all curriculum requirements and ongoing changes, which is absolutely key to providing the most effective tuition for your child.

Who works for us?

Here at Primus Education, we pride ourselves in recruiting fully qualified and experienced teachers only. Our thorough recruitment and selection process ensures that all teachers are subject specialists and have a proven track record of excellent results. Many of our teachers have leadership roles across various schools and sixth form colleges, including Heads of Departments, Course Leaders or specialists in pastoral care. All our teachers go through a rigorous recruitment process, have to be fully DBS qualified and have outstanding references.

How is our service?

We are friendly, approachable and believe in working with you in order for your child to succeed. We have a relentless focus on providing a quality service, are dedicated to continual improvement and demand that our staff and students have a strong work ethic. Given the vast experiences of our staff at Primus Education, not only are we aware of the changes in education, in particular the core curriculum areas - we are often leading the changes.

How will your child be tutored?

At Primus Education we have worked hard to create an optimum learning environment for your child to progress effectively. Through careful consideration of evidence based research we utilise the model of small group tuition in order to provide an optimum balance of quality first teaching, independent learning and focused group discussion. In addition to the work completed at the tuition centre, your child will also receive homework in order to supplement their learning.