We primarily offer tuition in the core subjects of Maths, English and Science to students between the ages of 11 and 19. We also offer specialist tuition and support in other areas such as 11+ entrance exams and A-level courses including: Accounting, Business, Economics and Law.



Being one of the core subjects, it is incredibly important to achieve a good GCSE grade in English.

As part of the English language curriculum, your child will be expected to read fluently and write effectively. They should be able to demonstrate a confident control of Standard English and they should be able to write grammatically correct sentences, deploy figurative language and analyse texts. We first identify the skills, with which your child needs support, then work on developing these through a carefully designed tuition plan.

English literature emphasises on developing knowledge and skills in reading, writing and critical thinking. Through literature, students will have a chance to develop culturally and acquire knowledge of the best that has been taught and written. Studying GCSE English literature should encourage students to read widely for pleasure, and as a preparation for studying literature at a higher level.

Additional Services

  • We also teach Maths, English,  Science, 11+ Entrance Exams, Key Stage 2, A-Level Tuition,


  • We also offer bespoke Accounting and Finance tuition including AAT, A-level and University level


  • BTEC Coursework support


  • UCAS application and Personal Statement writing support.


  • Advice and support for students applying to university courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Optometry. These sessions are run by qualified and senior doctors, dentists, pharmacists and optometrists.